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Rub n Buff Metallic Finishes
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14 lustrous wax-metallic finishes that are perfect for antiquing, stenciling and other craft projects.

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Framing Supplies > Rub n Buff Metallic Finishes

Conforms to
ASTM D-4236
The Art & Creative Materials Institute CL (Caution Label) seal restricts this product from children under the age of 13. Older users must follow all cautionary labeling.

Rub 'n Buff® is made from imported carnauba waxes, fine metallic powders, and select pigments. This unique blend gives objects decorated with Rub 'n Buff® a finish that no paint can duplicate! Available in 14 colors.

It's so easy to apply. Just rub onto any surface with finger or soft cloth, then buff to a beautiful luster. Rub 'n Buff® is ideal for:

  • restoring cherished antiques
  • stenciling
  • frame finishing
  • antiquing
  • home decor
  • restoration
  • crafts projects

Click here for our many lesson plans (13, 14, 15, 16, and 19) which show various ways to use Rub 'n Buff.

For project ideas, please visit our Craft Library by clicking here!

See how Rub 'n Buff transformed an ordinary shelf into a "sassy and brassy" wall piece by clicking here.

Rub 'n Buff is available in individual 1/2 fl. oz. tubes or in three assortments (all 1/2 fl. oz. tubes uncarded):

Assortment 76336R
Gold Leaf
Spanish Copper
Antique Gold
Silver Leaf

Assortment 76344D
Grecian Gold
European Gold
Autumn Gold
Antique White

Assortment 76345E
All 12 colors listed in the two assortments above

To download a copy of the CL (Caution Label seal) MSDS sheet in PDF format for Rub 'n Buff colors Antique White, Silver Leaf, Sapphire, Amethyst, Patina, Pearl Blue and Ebony, please click here.

To download a copy of the CL (Caution Label seal) MSDS sheet in PDF format for Rub 'n Buff colors Gold Leaf, Spanish Copper, Autumn Gold, Pewter, Antique Gold, Grecian Gold, Jade, European Gold, Turquoise, and Ruby , please click here.

Removing Rub 'n Buff from carpeting or clothing

Scrape away any excess Rub 'n Buff from the surface. Apply Dawn dish soap or Simple Green at full strength by working it in with your fingers. Allow to set and work for 3-4 minutes.

Carpet: Using a clean rag and clear, warm water, begin removing the cleaner and product. Rinse frequently. You may have to repeat this procedure more than once to completely clean the area.

Clothing: Treat the area as described above and put clothing into the washing machine.

NOTE: Do not use cleaners that contain solvents as these may cause the Rub 'n Buff to disperse into the carpet padding.

Rub 'n Buff® cannot be shipped by air.

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Framing Supplies > Rub n Buff Metallic Finishes

Rub n Buff Metallic Finishes main product image:


Rub 'n Buff Assortment-6 colors-76336R:

Rub 'n Buff Assortment-6 colors-76344D:

Rub 'n Buff Assortment-12 colors-76345E:

Silver Leaf Rub 'n Buff:

Micheal Kifer accented this teapot with Rub 'n Buff.:

Framing Supplies > Rub n Buff Metallic Finishes Available Items:

Gold Leaf (Item #76361A)

Antique Gold (Item #76362B)

Grecian Gold (Item #76371L)

Autumn Gold (Item #76372M)

European Gold (Item #76379X)

Antique White (Item #76366F)

Ebony (Item #76369J)

Pewter (Item #76380A)

Silver Leaf (Item #76370K)

Spanish Copper (Item #76368H)

Patina (Item #76364D)

Ruby (Item #76376S)

Rub 'n Buff Assortment, 6 colors - Gold Leaf, Spanish Copper, Patina, Antique Gold, Silver Leaf, Ruby (all tubes uncarded) (Item #76336R)

Rub 'n Buff Assortment, 6 colors - Grecian Gold, Autumn Gold, European Gold, Antique Wite, Ebony, Pewter (all tubes uncarded) (Item #76344D)

Rub 'n Buff Assortment - all 12 colors from the two 6-color assortments (all tubes uncarded) (Item #76345E)

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