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Layering Potter’s Choice (PC) Glazes

Layering Potters Choice glazes flyer by Tracy Gamble

Layering PC-30 flyer


Layering 05 Glazes—Artist’s Choice over Opalescents

Layering 05 ad in the June-July-August 2013 issue of Ceramics Monthly


Dipping Potter’s Choice Glazes, Notice a Difference?

Ceramics Monthly ad

Potterymaking Illustrated ad

Todd Pletcher has been experimenting with his cooling cycle!

“Besides the great results I get from layering, I have found that altering the firing schedule by down-firing my kiln, can create even more complex and beautiful glaze results!

—Todd Pletcher

video camera icon Click here to watch Todd Pletcher demonstrating the three stages of his dipping technique.



Amy Smith and her brent® CXC

April and May 2013 issue of Ceramics Monthly, brent, Amy Smith ad

video camera icon Click here for a video interview with ceramic artist Amy Smith.

Chandra DeBuse and Velvets

April and May 2013 Ceramics Monthly, Velvets, Chandra DeBuse ad

video camera icon Click here for a video interview with ceramic artist Chandra DeBuse.


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