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Kiln seal 8 oz 41365g

Kiln Seal

A thin coat of AMACO Kiln Seal prevents refractory particles from dusting off on ware during...
Kiln wash 1 4 lb path

Kiln Wash

SKUs: 52776K, 52777L, and 52778M

AMACO Kiln Shelf Wash
Products & Accessories

Kiln Shelf Wash prolongs kiln shelf life and...
1 lb: $5.95
4 lbs: $17.95
40 lbs: $55.95
Gloves orange sil

Kiln Gloves

SKUs: 11403R and 11404S

General Duty Kiln Gloves
Products & Accessories

Lighter duty gloves for use in temperatures...
Ladie's: $14.95
Men's: $14.95

Stand Kiln 16"


Stand KIln 19"


Stand Kiln 25"


EX Stand Kiln 10S

Kiln stand 12 sided ex kilns 24282p

EX Stand Kiln 12S

Kiln stand 8 sided ex kilns 24293e

EX Stand Kiln 8S


Rod Sensing Kiln-Sitter


Gauge Kiln-Sitter

Expansion kit 29982c

Master KilnVent Expansion Kit

This versatile KilnVent effectively ventilates AMACO square kilns or the EXCEL 1850SF kiln.