SDS Sheets

All SDS/MSDS Sheets are available for download in PDF format.

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Air-Dry Modeling Clays

SDS-Air Dry Clays: 

Air Dry Clay White (USA)

Air Dry Clay White (UK)

Air Dry Clay Gray (USA)

Air Dry Clay Gray (UK)

Air Dry Clay Red (USA)

Air Dry Clay Red (UK)

Ceramic Clays

Moist Clays:

11M A- Mix White Stoneware (USA)

11M A- Mix White Stoneware (UK)

20M Versa (USA)

20M Versa (UK)

25M White Art (USA)

25M White Art (UK)


MSDS-Dry Clays AP

MSDS-Dry Clays CL

MSDS-Moist Clays AP

Formulated Supplies:

MSDS-Amacote AP

MSDS-Bisque Fix CL

MSDS-Gum Solution AP

MSDS-Kiln Cement CL

MSDS-Kiln Lid Seal CL

MSDS-Kiln Shelf Wash AP/CL

MSDS-N Brand Sodium Silicate CL

MSDS-Plaster Separator CL

MSDS-Rubber Latex CL


MSDS-Suspendaid AP

MSDS-Wax Resist AP

Genesis Artist Colors:

MSDS-Genesis Artist Colors—Paint AP

MSDS-Genesis Artist Colors—Varnish AP


MSDS-A Series (Artist’s Choice) AP

MSDS-A Series (Artist’s Choice) CL (copper)

MSDS-AC Series (Glaze Crystals) AP

MSDS-Arroya Glazes AP

MSDS-C Series (Celadon) AP

MSDS-C Series (Celadon) CL (copper)

MSDS-CR Series (Old World Crackle) AP

MSDS-CR Series (Old World Crackle) CL (copper)

MSDS-CTL Series (Crystaltex) AP

MSDS-CTL Series (Crystaltex) CL (copper)

MSDS-DG Series (Deco Gloss) AP

MSDS-DG Series (Deco Gloss) CL (copper)

MSDS-DC and DW Series (Dipping) AP

MSDS-F Series AP

MSDS-F Series CL (copper)

MSDS-GDC Series (Majolica Gloss Decorating Colors) AP

MSDS-HF Series (Celebration & Sahara) AP

MSDS-HF Series (Sahara) CL (copper)

MSDS-L Series (Lustre) AP

MSDS-L Series (Lustre) CL (copper)

MSDS-LG Series (Gloss) AP

MSDS-LG Series (Gloss) CL (copper)

MSDS-LM Series (Matt) AP

MSDS-LT Series (Textured Alligator) AP

MSDS-LT Series (Textured Alligator) CL (copper)

MSDS-MF Series (Magic Flow) AP

MSDS-MF Series (Magic Flow) CL (copper)

MSDS-O Series (Opalescent) AP

MSDS-O Series (Opalescent) CL (copper)

MSDS-PA Series (Pompeian Ash) AP

MSDS-PA Series (Pompeian Ash) CL (copper)

MSDS-PC Series (Potter’s Choice) CL (zinc)

MSDS-PC Series (Potter’s Choice) Dry AP

MSDS-PC Series (Potter’s Choice) Dry CL (copper)

MSDS-PC Series (Potter’s Choice) Dry CL (copper, titanium)

MSDS-PC Series (Potter’s Choice) Dry NO SEAL

MSDS-PC Series (Potter’s Choice) Liquid AP

MSDS-PC Series (Potter’s Choice) Liquid CL (copper)

MSDS-R Series (Raku) AP

MSDS-R Series (Raku) CL (copper)

MSDS-SP Overdrift AP

MSDS-SP Snowfluff AP

MSDS-SP White Crawl AP

MSDS-SP White Pebble AP

MSDS-ST Series (Stone Texture) AP

MSDS-ST Series (Stone Texture) CL (copper)

MSDS-TC Series (Teacher’s Choice) AP

MSDS-TP Series (Teacher’s Palette) AP

MSDS-TH-1 Texturizer AP

MSDS-TL-1 Texturizer AP

Metallic Leafing Products:

MSDS-Exterior Brush ’n Leaf CL

MSDS-Interior Brush ’n Leaf CL

MSDS-Rub ’n Buff CL

MSDS-Rub ’n Buff CL (copper)


MSDS-All-Purpose Sealer AP

MSDS-Balsa-Foam AP

MSDS-Friendly Plastic Designer Sticks & Pellets AP

MSDS-Glow in the Dark Paint AP

MSDS-Low Odor Cutting Oil

MSDS-Nail Hole Filler AP/CL

Modeling Materials Dry:

MSDS-Claycrete AP

MSDS-Plasterform AP

MSDS-Sculptamold AP

Mold Casting Materials:

MSDS-Carving Wax AP

MSDS-Casting Compound AP

MSDS-Crea-Stone CL

MSDS-Flexwax AP

MSDS-Glass Casting Mix, Coarse CL

MSDS-Glass Casting Mix, Fine CL

MSDS-Mix-a-Mold AP

MSDS-Pottery Plaster AP

MSDS-Setstone AP

Non-Hardening Clays:

MSDS-Artone Venus Clay AP

MSDS-Industrial Styling Clay (HBX-2) AP

MSDS-Permoplast Clay AP

MSDS-Plast-i-clay AP

Paper Mache:

MSDS-Rice Paste Powder AP

MSDS-Wheat Paste Powder AP

Self-Hardening Clays:

MSDS-Marblex Clay AP

MSDS-Magic Mud Clay AP

MSDS-Mexican Clay AP

MSDS-Stonex Clay AP

MSDS-Super Dough AP


MSDS-No. 1 Porcelain Slip AP

MSDS-No. 15 Casting Slip AP

MSDS-No. 67 Sedona Red Slip AP


MSDS-Ceramic Washes Series AP

MSDS-Ceramic Washes Series CL

MSDS-DV Series (Designer Velvets) AP

MSDS-LUG Series (Liquid Underglazes) AP

MSDS-SE Series (Engobes) AP

MSDS-SMUG Series (Semi-Moist Underglazes) AP

MSDS-SS Series (Sun Strokes) AP

MSDS-UG Crayons/Chalk AP

MSDS-UG Pencils AP


MSDS-V Series (Velvets) AP