Event Schedule

You can register for the following workshops & events by contacting the listed venues.

If you don’t find one in your area, you can request a customized AMACO glaze workshop or in-service training by contacting Diana Faris as follows:

Diana Faris
Director of Educational Outreach
Email: dfaris@amaco.com
Phone: (800) 925-5195, x 1302

Kensuke Yamada: Building the Figure in Clay

Small kensuke yamada Penland School of Craft

Penland, NC United States




  • June 25, 2017 – July 07, 2017

In this workshop, we’ll used basic handbuilding methods, such as coil building and pinching, to create full-size figures, heads, or small wall pieces. Demonstrations will include a variety of techniques that are used in making figurative forms. Individual instruction will help each student make their own unique ceramic pieces. We’ll also cover the history of ceramic figurines, glazing techniques, and how to personalize your pieces. We’ll work with a stoneware sculpture clay with electric low-firing and raku firing. Intermediate level; some previous handbuilding experience is required; figure drawing experience will be helpful.

Kathy King: Let’s Talk: a conversation between form & imagery

Small kathy king stack detail  anderson ranch 2017 Anderson Ranch Workshop

Snowmass Village, CO United States


(970) 923-3181


  • July 03, 2017 – July 14, 2017

Build a personal vocabulary of imagery and learn how to use your ceramic work as a storytelling agent in this hands-on workshop. Students consider methods of composition of imagery on both the wheel and in hand built ceramic forms. Using humor, politics and personal stories as tools, we create narratives within our work. The instructor introduces some nontraditional ideas about function and methods of storytelling. Students incorporate their own imagery through carving and experimenting on leather-hard clay. We also explore glaze techniques that enhance surfaces.

Skill Level(s): Open to All
Instructor: Kathy King, www.kathykingart.com

Pattern and Design in Clay with Molly Hatch

Small molly hatch  2017 Archie Bray Foundation

Helena, MT United States




  • July 05, 2017 – July 07, 2017

By using primarily pattern, participants will learn techniques for activating all surfaces of an object, including techniques for transferring a two-dimensional drawing to three-dimensional clay objects. Molly Hatch will discuss and demonstrate her approach to ceramic design and share best practices when developing work for the design industry in this three-day hands-on workshop. Demonstrations will cover concepts for three-dimensional design and basic approaches to decoration. This workshop will best serve artists interested in developing surface design, a larger product line or expanding into industrial design.
Hatch will give a public artist talk on Wednesday, July 5 at 7:30 pm in the Bray Resident Center.
Open to intermediate and advanced artists


Small burnett  jason download TRURO CENTER FOR THE ARTS AT CASTLE HILL

Truro, MA United States


508 349-7511


  • July 10, 2017 – July 14, 2017

Working while the clay is leather hard can create vast opportunities to decorate prior to glazing - and establishes exciting results! Students will focus on embellishing pottery with colored slips, stamps, underglaze stains and other various techniques, including resists and image transfers to create rich dynamic surfaces. Working small with low fire clay, students will be encouraged to step outside their comfort zones, to take risks, all the while establishing new techniques for their creative tool belt. Whether you’re a sculptural, functional or tile-based ceramic artist, come prepared to play! All levels welcome.

Jason Bige Burnett graduated from Western Kentucky University with a BFA in ceramics and BA’s in both printmaking and graphic design. He has been featured in Ceramics Monthly, American Craft Magazine, and in 500 Prints on Clay (Lark Books). Author of Graphic Clay: Ceramic Surfaces and Printed Image Transfer Techniques (Lark Books, 2015) Burnett exhibits nationally and now lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky.

Justin Rothshank: The Layered Surface

Small justin rothshank  dec 2015 Touchstone Center for Crafts

Farmington, PA United States




  • July 24, 2017 – July 28, 2017

Learn about production and marketing techniques for the studio potter, including daily production, social media, and small business efficiency. You will also discover how to transfer your own imagery onto ceramic work using a variety of decal and stamping techniques. We will cover image preparation, printing and transferring decals onto greenware and glazed ware, layering of decals, using commercial decals, and firing temperatures for various types of decals.

Justin Rothshank, www.rothshank.com

Innovative Hand Building PLUS Color, with Lana Wilson

Small finishedteapot Appalachian Center for Crafts

Cookeville, TN United States




  • July 25, 2017 – July 30, 2017

Get ready to paint soft clay slabs with colored slips in three layers and then sgraffito through the layers and flatten with a rolling pin. Make these painterly slabs into plates, cups, bowls, etc. Learn to build a box with a workable drawer, an inset niche and layers of stamped imagery; use a sink mat to form a grid pattern and enhance with small stamps and color added after bisquing; build a teapot; use intricate stamp making techniques; and more. Skill level: Novice Beginner
Lana Wilson's work can be seen at www.lanawilson.com

Glazing Intensive Workshop, with Tracy Gamble

Small tracy gamble glaze workshop WOMANSPACE

Rockford, IL United States


(815) 877-0118


  • August 11, 2017 – August 13, 2017

This action-packed, 2 1/2-day, hands on workshop with Tracy Gamble will focus on application of AMACO’s main cone 5/6 - glaze lines (Potter’s Choice, Celadon, Satin Matte and Shino). Special decorating techniques using Velvet Underglazes, drawing on leather hard and bisque clay and additional bonus demonstrations (newsprint image transfer onto leather hard and bisque using Underglaze) are all part of the action. The plan is to fire the tests and experiments in the kilns, on site, each day.

Each attendee must bring bisque of 15 – 20 test tiles and bisque of 10 – 15 small bowls, cups, plates or vases (one pounders – hand built or wheel thrown) on the first day of the workshop. All of this bisque must be made from a cone 5/6 clay body.

Daily Schedule:
#1.Fri, August 11, 2017, 5:00 PM 8:00 PM
#2.Sat, August 12, 2017, 9:00 AM 3:00 PM
#3.Sun, August 13, 2017, 9:00 AM 3:00 PM

Ceramic Surface Extravaganza, with Jason Bige Burnett

Small burnett  jason   penland Penland School of Crafts

Penland, NC United States




  • August 13, 2017 – August 25, 2017

This intensive workshop will focus on various graphic ceramic surfaces with an emphasis on screen-printed image transfers. Idea development and drawing (or doodling) exercises will help students create personal narratives through patterns, prints, and photos that will adorn ceramic surfaces. Pushing and pulling through layers of material will introduce a combination of techniques, including resists, decals, sgraffito and much more. We’ll use cone 5 stoneware clay and fire in electric kilns. Students can make tiles and/or thrown or handbuilt pots. The techniques can also be applied to sculpture. Come prepared to experiment and play!

Pattie Chalmers: Heroes and Villains

Small pattie chalmers Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Deer Isle, ME United States


(207) 348-2306


  • August 13, 2017 – August 25, 2017

Handbuilding techniques for creating medium scale, terra cotta figurative work will be the focus of this workshop. Using coils, slabs, and pinch pots, participants will create heroes and villains, each with extravagantly imagined super powers and countless personality flaws. Demonstrations and discussions will cover simple glazing techniques, approaches for building and firing in parts, and a variety of alternative surface treatments. All levels welcome.
Instructor's website: pattiechalmers.com

Three Figurative Sculptors Workshop

Small lisa clague The Bascom

Highlands, NC United States



  • August 28, 2017 – September 01, 2017

This team taught workshop by Debra Fritts, Lisa Clague and Nancy Kubale will explore light and dark as inspiration for creating the human form and the conveyance of spiritual expression.
Contact: Frank Vickery , fvickery@thebascom.org

Storytelling with Clay with Kathy King

Small king queenbeefront for web  bray 2017 Archie Bray Foundation

Helena, MT United States




  • September 05, 2017 – September 08, 2017

In this four-day hands-on workshop, Kathy King will discuss and demonstrate methods and techniques for developing a personal narrative and stories in ceramics. Using the ceramic surface as a canvas for storytelling, King will demonstrate techniques such as sgraffito, mishima and simple screen printing. Participants will also have the ability to practice post-glaze techniques including luster and china painting. For this purpose, students are encouraged to bring bisqueware to experiment on.

Participants will gain insight into how King uses historical ceramics as a reference and method of developing a narrative in her artwork. These exercises will give students the opportunity to develop and expand on their own vocabulary of imagery.

King will give a public artist talk on Wednesday, September 6 at 7:30 pm in the Bray Resident Center.
Instructor: Kathy King, www.kathykingart.com

AMACO Glaze & Underglaze Demonstrations

Small worksop image  high fire glazes (makebhm) Ceramic Supply, Chicago

Elk Grove Village, IL United States



  • September 09, 2017 – 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Free decorating demonstrations by Diana Faris from AMACO:
An assortment of underglazes and glazes will be presented, including liquid Velvet underglazes, Potters Choice and Celadon mid/high fire glazes. Application techniques will be demonstrated and participants may bring their own bisqueware to experiment on.
No registration needed!

The Narrative Figure: Totems, with Debra Fritts

Small jan 2016  3 Debra Fritts Studio

Abiquiu, NM United States




  • September 11, 2017 – September 15, 2017

Using large coils, we will build sectional pieces to create a stacked totem. We will construct a head and stacked parts. The surface on the each section will be treated with dry clays, engobes and underglazes. Demos will include coil building the head, applying face features, ways to stack section pieces and surface treatment.

Contact: debrafritts@aol.com

Have Fun with Dick and Amy!

Small postcard layout Greater Lafayette Clay Guild

Lafayette, IN United States



  • October 13, 2017 – October 14, 2017

Dick Lehman and Amy Sanders will be teaching "Expressive Clay: Two Approaches"
Each will be presenting a 3-hour demo workshop in Lafayette, IN on October 14th. You will be attending both workshops. You are also invited to attend a free presentation by Dick & Amy on Friday evening October 13th. Workshop Cost: Regular Registration $150, Early Registration (must be received by June 15th) $120, Full-time High School or College $100.

Getting Graphic, with Jason Bige Burnett

Small burnett  jason   pocosin Pocosin Arts

Columbia, NC United States



  • October 19, 2017 – October 22, 2017

Explore vibrant illustrative surface techniques for your ceramics! Focusing on image and stencil development through doodling, drawing and screen-printing processes. Demonstrations will cover traditional and non-traditional techniques that embellish ceramic surfaces. Wheel thrown and handbuilt techniques will be covered. Hands on activities will cover image development, surface embellishing and decal manipulation.

The Narrative Figure: So Much More

Small jan 2016  5 Debra Fritts’ Studio

Abiquiu, NM United States




  • October 23, 2017 – October 27, 2017

Working from memory and the imagination, the head and the torso will be constructed using coils. The goal is to allow the spirit of the artist to connect with the form by using symbols and metaphors. The surface on the wet clay will be a combination of dry clay, engobes, and underglazes.
Contact: debrafritts@aol.com

AMACO Glazing Workshops

Workhouse Art Center

Lorton, VA United States

(703) 584-2954


  • February 23, 2018 – February 24, 2018

Glazing workshops for clay artists and teachers, with Diana Faris from AMACO.
Details TBD
Contact dfaris@amaco.com