Warranty Info and Glaze Rebate

At AMACO/brent we take great pride in our equipment and its reliability.

We also want to ensure you have all of the necessary information to keep your product covered for the life of the warranty. To register your newly purchased equipment with AMACO/brent, complete the form below within 6 months of the purchase date. We hope you enjoy your new purchase!

You can choose to complete this warranty by clicking the button below or downloading the following forms:

New Equipment - Warranty Information 

Refurbished Equipment - Warranty Information

New Equipment - Warranty Registration

Refurbished Equipment - Warranty Registration

Warranty Terms

AMACO® kilns, EXCEL® kilns, brent® potter’s wheels, and brent® equipment, are covered by warranties limited to defects in materials and workmanship during the manufacturing process for the term of warranty. Components we purchase for equipment are covered only by those manufacturers’ warranties.

Ultimate determination for validation of warranty claims is at the discretion of AMACO/brent.
All warranty work must be performed by an authorized AMACO/brent dealer or by the manufacturer to maintain the warranty. Any work done by someone other than an authorized dealer or the manufacturer will void this warranty.
Warranty is non-transferable.
Retain original purchase receipt. You will need this along with model number and serial number to obtain warranty service.
The length of your warranty begins from the date of purchase and is as listed above.

Warranty Exclusions

Your AMACO/brent Warranty will be void if any of the following occur:

The warranty period has expired.
Repair or service is done by an unauthorized dealer.
Damage due to abuse and//or misuse; including but not limited to overfiring and salt glazing (kilns only), improper installation, rough handling, improper stacking or storing.
Shipping damage.
Damage or failure due to acts of God such as, fire, flood, electrical storms, etc.
Use other than for intended.
Normal wear and tear on parts such as elements, bricks, thermocouples, wheel heads, and belts.
Modifications to the unit in any manner.

Warranty Repair Instructions

If you have a problem with your AMACO®, brent® or EXCEL® equipment within the warranty period, choose one of the following options:

Contact the dealer from which you purchased the equipment. If they are an authorized dealer that offers parts and service, they can handle the repair or replacement. Parts and labor will be covered for valid warranty claims.
If the dealer is unauthorized to perform the repair or unable to correct the problem, call AMACO/brent customer service, (800) 374-1600 or email technicalsupport@amaco.com. Please have the model and serial number ready when you call or include them in the email. You may be asked to send the defective equipment or part(s) in for inspection. The serial number of the equipment being repaired must accompany the defective parts for the warranty to be honored. Parts and labor will be covered for valid warranty claims.

If it is necessary to ship equipment or parts to AMACO/brent for inspection, repair or replacement, the technician will explain how to return the defective item(s) and whether it should be sent prepaid. For your protection, insure all items shipped.

Glaze Rebate

After we have recieved your warranty information we will notify you on how to collect your glaze rebate. 

For any questions or concerns regarding the glaze rebate please email rebates@amaco.com