(CTL) Crystaltex

Amaco Crystaltex liquid glazes are a brilliant mix of bright, glossy colors that are speckled with colored glaze crystal bursts. These glazes are perfect for unique ceramic vessels and dishes, and could be perfect for an interesting surface for sculptural ceramic work. All the unique beauty of crystalline glazes without the complicated firing process.

•Bursts of Color
•Spontaneous Color patterns
•Shown on White Clay, can be applied to Red Clay
•Cone 05

+ Products

+ 2015 Glaze Brochure Page

Here is a downloadable PDF of the Crystaltex page from the 2015 glaze brochure.


+ Crystaltex at cone 3

Here are a series of tests performed where the Crystaltex glazes were fired out of their typical range and up to cone 3! Remember when firing glazes outside of their range to always protect your kiln shelves by using kiln wash, soft brick, and stilts.


CTL-1 Jet Moss CTL-3 Lava CTL-9 Snapdragon CTL-10 Peppermint Ice CTL-11 Snow Fire CTL-12 Mardis Gras CTL-15 Moonscape CTL-20 Royal Turquoise CTL-22 Milky Way CTL-23 Moody Blue CTL-26 Sea Mist CTL-30 Singed Maple CTL-31 Brown Earth CTL-32 Chocolate Chip CTL-34 Granada  CTL-35  Nutmeg CTL-36  Gingerbread CTL-37 Desert Tortoise CTL-39 Yellow Universe CTL-40 Forest CTL-41 Melon CTL-42 Fantasia CTL-43 Aurora CTL-44 Turritella CTL-45 Sunset Jewel CTL-46 Ultramarine Jewel CTL-47 Tangerine Dream CTL-48 Sun and Sea CTL-49 Azurite CTL-52 Wasonia Red CTL-54 Firecracker CTL-61  Buttercup CTL-67 Summer Mango CTL-69 Sassy Saffron CTL-70 Magnolia Jewel CTL-71 Purple Blaze