(SM) Satin Matte

Satin Mattes break slightly over edges and texture and boast a soft satin feel. These glazes are formulated to be 100% mixable. Use Clear Satin to lighten color tones, Satin Black to create shades, and Satin White to create tints.

•Satin Surfaces
•Mixable for custom palette
•Food safe
•Cone 5 - 6
•Pictured results were fired in Oxidation

Cone 5 = 1184°C (at 150°C/hour for the final 100°C of firing) / 2201°F ( at 270°F/hour in the final 200°F of firing)

Cone 6 = 1241°C (at 150°C/hour for the final 100°C of firing) / 2266°F ( at 270°F/hour in the final 200°F of firing)

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+ Mixing Satin Matte Glazes: Tips & Tricks

Create a custom palette!

In this 2 part video series, we take you through our tips & tricks when it comes to mixing AMACO Satin Matte Glazes!

Create your own custom colors by mixing your SM glazes and share them with us online using #howiamaco 

+ Satin Matte Advantage

Satin Matte Advantage Brochure, downloadable PDF

+ Tinting Satin Mattes

Satin Matte glazes are fully mixable, allowing you to create your own, specialized palette. Mixing colored Satin Matte glazes with SM-11 White in varying amounts creates a variety of pastel colors from deep to extremely light tints.

Each of these examples feature a single glaze mixed with SM-11 white in two ratios - 1:4 and 1:30. These test tiles were created based on gram measurements and are fired to Cone 5 on 11-M A-Mix White Stoneware Clay.