(PC) Potter's Choice

The Potter's Choice glaze series was designed with the potter in mind! These stunning glazes add fluid colors and effects to smooth or textured ware, with optimal results at Cone 5/6. To use these glazes is to step into different ceramic glaze traditions of many cultures throughout history. Check out our PC Layering charts to see all the amazing results you can try in your own studio!

•Reduction Effects in Oxidation
•Variety of Colors and Surfaces
•Cone 5 / 6
•Limitless Layering Combinations!

+ Products

+ Glaze Brochure Page

Click here for the downloadable PDF of the Potter's Choice glaze page from our field guide.

+ Product Series: The Potter's Choice Glazes

AMACO's Product Series videos take a closer look at our equipment and products to help you choose which are the best for your studio!

+ Application Instructions For Brushing

The following technical information pertains to the brushing formulations of the Potter’s Choice glazes available in pints and gallons.

Potter’s Choice glazes need to be applied at a certain thickness to bring out their true beauty. Although simple in concept, applying the correct glaze thickness is difficult to convey. AMACO® tells users to apply 3 coats (unless noted on the label) of glaze to ware. Unfortunately, everyone naturally applies different thicknesses in a coating with very different results.

The following tiles should allow users to see if they have applied the glaze too thick or too thin. As a general rule we find that most people who are having issues seem to be applying glaze on the light side.

The first tile in the set is a thin application. The second tile is slightly on the thin side and the third is slightly on the heavy side. A good application (as intended) would be between tiles 2 and 3. Obviously, the final look to be achieved is up to the end user.

PC Glaze Application Tips

PC Glaze Application Tips

PC-1 Saturation Metallic PC-2 Saturation Gold PC-4 Palladium PC-12 PC-20 PC-21 PC-23 PC-27 PC-28 PC-29 PC-30 PC-31 PC-32 PC-33 PC-34 PC-35 PC-36 PC-37 PC-39 PC-40 PC-41 PC-42 PC-45 PC-46 PC-48 PC-49 PC-50 PC-52 PC-53 PC-57 PC-59 PC-60 PC-61 PC-62 PC-25 PC-55 PC-43

+ Application Videos - Brushing

Application is key when layering Potter's Choice glazes. To insure that you're getting the best results we have created a video and a pdf that explains our approach. 

Layering PCs with Tracy Gamble


+ Potter's Choice Glazes over AMACO Clay Bodies

Clay body choice can affect a final piece just as much as glaze choice or application. Below are examples showing how each of our Potter's Choice glazes reacts over our line of high-fire AMACO clays.

Tiles each have 3 coats of glaze and are fired to Cone 5.

* Please note that while images have been edited to accurately reflect glaze and clay body colors, different monitor settings or browsers may shift the accuracy of color

+ Potter's Choice Layering

Clicking the images below will redirect you to the product page, scroll down and you will see all the layering combos. Each set of tiles has been glazed with 2 coats/ 2 coats of each glaze fired to cone 6 on our #46 buff midfire clay. 

The downloadable PDFs can also be found on the product pages. 


+ Potter's Choice over Celadon Layering

This section features clickable icons that bring you to downloadable PDF's of the layering charts for Potter's Choice glazes over Celadons!


+ Layering Potter's Choice over Shinos

Clicking the images below will redirect you to the product page, scroll down and you will see all the layering combos. Each set of tiles has been glazed with 3 coats/ 3 coats of each glaze fired to cone 6 on our A-Mix #11 White Stoneware clay. 


+ Dipping Instructions

Here are some helpful resources regarding the AMACO Potter's Choice dipping glazes:

Click file below for detailed instructions:





+ Potters Choice at Cone 10

Potters Choice Glazes fired to Cone 10 in oxidation

PC1 PC2 PC4 PC12 PC20 PC21 PC23 PC25 PC27 PC28 PC29 PC30 PC31 PC32 PC33 PC34 PC35 PC36 PC37 PC39 PC40 PC41 PC42 PC43 PC45 PC46 PC48 PC49 PC50 PC52 PC53 PC55 PC57 PC59 PC60 PC61 PC62

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