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C 43 wasabi

C-43 Wasabi

SKUs: 39412M and 39512H

This 100% mixable celadon glaze is a soft, glossy medium green that pools and accents textured...
Pint: $17.00
10lb Dry Mix: $101.00
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Kiln wash 1 4 lb path

Kiln Wash

SKUs: 52776K, 52777L, and 52778M

AMACO Kiln Shelf Wash
Products & Accessories

Kiln Shelf Wash prolongs kiln shelf life and...
1 lb: $7.70
4 lbs: $23.50
40 lbs: $68.90
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Washer HX End Rubber

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Flexwax 2  lb 52772f

Wax Flex 5#

AMACO Flexwax
Products & Accessories

Perfect for making molds from three dimensional...
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Wax resist 2013 41382a

Wax Resist

AMACO Wax Resist
Apply to greenware or bisque to "resist" application of glaze, slip and...
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F 15 over 20m chip

F-15 Warm Gray

SKUs: 38342H

Warm Gray is a vivid, semi-opaque timberwolf glaze that is glossy and breaks clear and pools...
Pint: $20.15
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LUG-15 Warm Gray

SKUs: 41143B and 41173X

Warm Gray Liquid Underglaze is a soft gray that is light and smoky at cone 05, becomes deeper...
2 OZ: $8.60
Pint: $30.50
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LUG-41 Warm Green

SKUs: 41152A and 41182H

Warm Green Liquid Underglaze is a soft green that is light and minty at cone 05, becomes a...
2 OZ: $8.60
Pint: $30.50
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Ctl 22 milky way cc

CTL-22 Milky Way

SKUs: 38428P

Milkyway is an undulating deep blue, glossy glaze that has soft white glaze crystal bursts that...
Pint: $27.50
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Caster warecart sku22197b

Caster Ware Cart

Old Style Caster This Caster pairs with Insert Warecart Caster #22298D for older ware cart
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Ware cart 22633p path

Ware Cart - Plastic Cover

This plastic cover is a replacement for the full size ware cart. This cover will slow the dry...
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Select fire wallmount 700 board

Select Fire Wall Mount

Select Fire Wall Mount

Adds the convenience of computer control to virtually any electric kiln....
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