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Underglaze pencils 2013

Underglaze Pencil Set

SKUs: 11431S

Underglaze Decorating Pencils are ideal for shading, fine line drawing or identification. Apply...
6 Pencils: $90.00
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Underglaze Pencils

SKUs: 11428P, 11430R, 11420F, and 11422H

Underglaze Decorating Pencils are ideal for shading, fine line drawing or identification. Apply...
Rose: $15.00
Yellow: $15.00
Black: $15.00
Brown: $15.00
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Tpl 44 peridot

TPL-44 Peridot

Peridot is a translucent, yellow-green glaze that boasts a glossy, smooth surface after firing....
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F 54 over 20m chip

F-54 Peach

SKUs: 38361S

Peach is a vivid, semi-opaque light salmon glaze that is glossy, breaks clear, and pools darker...
Pint: $18.25
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C 41 pear

C-41 Pear

SKUs: 39411P and 39511P

This 100% mixable celadon glaze is a bright, glossy yellow-green that pools and accents textured...
Pint: $14.50
10lb Dry Mix: $84.00
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A28 peacock tribal chip 2048px

A-28 Peacock

SKUs: 36303C

Peacock is an active, speckled glaze that is reminiscent of toasty reduction high fire glazes...
Pint: $14.50
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LUG-52 Peach

SKUs: 41157F and 41187N

Peach Liquid Underglaze is a light pink that is light powdery at cone 05, becomes more of a nude...
2 OZ: $7.40
Pint: $27.65
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Lg 52 2x2 fish tile

LG-52 Petal Pink

SKUs: 39152B and 38519R

Petal Pink is a brilliant, semi-transparent light peach glaze that is glossy and breaks clear...
Pint: $18.25
1 Gallon: $89.00
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Lt3 old pewter leaf tile 2048px

LT-3 Old Pewter

SKUs: 37032N

Old Pewter is shiny, metallic silver glaze that has a variety of effects that depend on firing...
Pint: $24.95
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Ctl 10 peppermint ice cc

CTL-10 Peppermint Ice

SKUs: 38436X

Peppermint Ice is an opaque, glossy white glaze that has bright yellow and blue colored crystal...
Pint: $24.95
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O10 transparent pearl chip 2048px

O-10 Transparent Pearl

SKUs: 38660S

Transparent Pearl is an active, flowing low-fire glaze that breaks clear over texture and pools a...
Pint: $18.25
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Ug crayons 41252j 2009 path

Underglaze Chalk Crayons

SKUs: 41447H, 41454D, 41445T, 41444S, 41455E, 41446E, 41453C, 41442B, 41450Y, 41456F, 41451A, 41443R, 41441P, 41448W, 41452B, and 41449X

Chalk Crayons (individual dry underglaze sticks: 2 3/4" x 7/16") can be used like pastels on...
Black: $4.95
Blue-Green: $4.95
Brown: $4.95
Dark Blue: $4.95
Dark Brown: $4.95
Dark Green: $4.95
Gray: $4.95
Yellow: $4.95
Lilac: $4.95
Medium Blue: $4.95
Medium Green: $4.95
Rose: $4.95
Turquoise: $4.95
White: $4.95
Light Brown: $4.95
Yellow-Green: $4.95
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