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AH-10 and AH-30 Pyrometer/Thermocouple Sets with Manual Controls

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Calibrated Pyrometer/Thermocouple Sets

AMACO offers pyrometer/thermocouple sets that have been properly calibrated for greater accuracy:

28818V AMACO® kilns 62-EFC and 67-EFC. Thermocouple has 2 ft. lead wire and a 6 inch probe.
28819R AMACO® kilns EC-55, HF-97, HF-101, HF-105. Thermocoouple has 4 ft. lead wire and 8 inch probe.
28820P AMACO® kilns AH-10, AH-30. Thermocouple has 6 ft. lead wire and 14 inch probe.
28831D AMACO MK-4 kiln. Includes stand for pyrometer.

A pyrometer and thermocouple installed on a kiln combine to indicate firing chamber temperatures. Fine legible markings appear on the pyrometer every 50 degrees; between 0 degrees and 2500 degrees farenheit and 0 degrees and 1290 degrees centigrade. The black, dust-tight case is 4 1/4" x 4". Pyrometers come complete with two mounting brackets and may be installed on kilns other than AMACO®.

AMACO® offers several thermocouples designed to work with specific AMACO® and EXCEL® kilns.

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