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  • Ex 399 liz opening lid 2010
  • Ez lifting no 2
  • Kiln ex 1266sf sil 07
  • Kiln ex 399 1099sf sm page 112
  • Kpxl61
  • Lg1 143

EZ-Lift 12 Sided Kit

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EZ-Lift Upgrade Kits

Add the EZ-Lift hinge to any existing 10-sided or 12-sided EXCEL® kiln.

The EZ-Lift upgrade kit allows you to add the EZ-Lift hinge to any existing 10 or 12 sided EXCEL® kiln. This spring-assisted hinge makes the lid lighter so you can lift it with a finger.

Kit Item No. 25148L is for EXCEL® Kilns EX-247 and EX-270.
Kit Item No. 25149B is for EXCEL® Kiln EX-344 and EX-365.
Kit Item No. 25147G is for EXCEL® Kilns EX-1266, EX-399, and EX-1099.

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