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FA-5-E (Max. Temp 1500F)

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An efficient, low cost metal enameling kiln for objects up to 5" in diameter, the FA-5-E can reach a maximum temperature of 1500°F (816°C) in just 15 minutes and is maintained automatically without switches. The 900 watt Kanthal heating element is embedded in a special refractory plate for extra protection.
Pieces can be loaded and unloaded by simply lifting the lid with its insulated handle. The front opening can be used to view pieces during firing and for inserting small pieces with top lid in place. Place bare metal side of enameled piece on bottom refractory plate, watch through the front opening and remove when piece is red hot and glossy (approximately 3 minutes).
The 6 1/4" diameter firing chamber is securely bolted to three wrought iron legs. Supplied with 120V AC power cord. The cost to operate the FA-5-E is no more than that of an electric iron.

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