• Teachers palette glazes chart class pack 39270h 2048px
  • 792lg (1)
  • Tp 15 gray 1 inch tile
  • Tp 20 sky blue 1 inch tile
  • Tp 22 blue green 1 inch tile
  • Tp 30 caramel 1 inch tile
  • Tp 32 fudge brown 1 inch tile
  • Tp 40 mint green 1 inch tile
  • Tp 51 grape 1 inch tile
  • Tp 52 raspberry 1 inch tile
  • Tp 53 pig pink 1 inch tile
  • Tp 58 brick red 1 inch tile
  • Tp 60 lemon 1 inch tile
  • Tp 64 carrot 1 inch tile
  • Tp15 gray square 2048px
  • Tp20 sky blue square 2048px
  • Tp22 blue green square 2048px
  • Tp30 caramel square 2048px
  • Tp32 fudge brown square 2048px
  • Tp40 mint green square 2048px
  • Tp51 grape square 2048px
  • Tp52 raspberry square 2048px
  • Tp53 pig pink square 2048px
  • Tp58 brick red square 2048px
  • Tp60 lemon square 2048px
  • Tp64 carrot square 2048px

Class Pack: (TP) Teacher's Palette No.3

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Product Description

Teachers Palette Low Fire (Cone 05) Glazes Class Pack No. 3 This class pack contains one pint jar each of the following Teacher's Palette® glazes: TP-15 Gray, TP-20 Sky Blue, TP-22 Blue Green, TP-30 Caramel, TP-32 Fudge Brown, TP-40 Mint Green, TP-51 Grape, TP-52 Raspberry, TP-53 Pig Pink, TP-58 Brick Red, TP-60 Lemon, and TP-64 Carrot. AMACO® reserves the right to substitute a glaze or underglaze of similar color and equal or greater value when necessary and without prior notice.

Safety Warning

Tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination.

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