• Crystaltex chart class pack no4 39229j 2017
  • Ctl 3 lava 6x6 tile hires
  • Ctl 23 moody blue 6x6 tile hires
  • Ctl 31 brown earth 6x6 tile hires
  • Ctl 36 ginger bread 6x6 tile hires
  • Ctl 46 ultramarine jewel 6x6 tile hires
  • Ctl 48 sun and sea 6x6 tile hires
  • Ctl 49 azurite 6x6 tile hires
  • Ctl 54 firecracker 6x6 tile hires
  • Ctl 67 summer mango 6x6 tile hires
  • Ctl 69 sassy saffron 6x6 tile hires
  • Ctl 70 magnolia jewel 6x6 tile hires
  • Ctl 71 purple blaze 6x6 tile hires
  • Lg1 760
  • Lg2 760
  • Lg5 230

Class Pack: (CTL) Crystaltex No. 4

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Product Description

All colors in this class pack are LEAD FREE and AP Non-Toxic.
Lesson plan Celestial Tiles is easy, colorful and uses our Crystaltex glazes!
CTL-3 Lava, CTL-23 Moody Blue, CTL-31 Brown Earth, CTL-36 Ginger Bread, CTL-46 Ultramarine Jewel, CTL-48 Sun and Sea, CTL-49 Azurite, CTL-54 Firecracker, CTL-67 Summer Mango, CTL-69 Sassy Saffron, CTL-70 Magnolia Jewel, and CTL-71 Purple Blaze.
AMACO® reserves the right to substitute a glaze or underglaze of similar color and equal or greater value when necessary and without prior notice.

Safety Warning

Tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination.

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