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Genesis Artists Colors-Mars Black

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Genesis Heat-Set Artist Colors have the look and feel of traditional oil paints but without the lengthy drying time. They stay moist indefinitely until heated giving the artist total control over their painting.

Non-toxic, odorless Genesis Heat-Set Artist Colors are the only paints that dry when YOU want them to. They stay moist indefinitely until you heat them to 265 degrees F. Acrylics dry too fast and oils take too long. Genesis Artist Colors and their patented heat-set formula give artists total control over their painting and their schedule. Genesis Artist Colors also:

• Require no set-up - colors, brushes, and painting are ready to go just as you left them
• Require no clean-up - just turn off the light and close the door
• Give you more time to paint
• Allow you to complete multi-layered paintings in one day by drying each layer after it is applied


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