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Warm Brown Stoneware Clay No.58

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The No.58 Warm Brown Stoneware is formulated from several clays for plasticity and reduction-like color spectrum in firing. It is a warm brown when fired in oxidation up to cone 7 and more of a terra cotta color when fired at cone 05. Excellent clay for all types of hand building, slab work, extrusions, sculpture and wheel throwing.

AP (Approved Product) seal moist formula
Any AMACO® high fire glaze is ideal for this stoneware body. Because of the wide firing range of 58-M, AMACO® low-fire glazes achieve good results as well.

Shrinkage: Cone 5, 14.2%; Cone 7, 14.4%
Absorption: Cone 5, 4%; Cone 7, 0.4%

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