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Stoneware without Grog No.480

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The grogless No.480 Stoneware has a smooth surface and superior plasticity. This clay is ideal for throwing and hand-modeling but not as suitable for sculpture as No.48. When fired to cone 5-6, it is a warm buff color that is peppered with dark speckles. At lower temperatures, the clay is a little lighter and less vitreous.

AP (Approved Product) seal in moist formula
Firing range is Cone 5-10 with best results at Cone 5
Any high fire AMACO® glaze is recommended for use with 480-M clay. Light matte and transparent glazes allow the dark specks in the clay to show for a peppered effect. Partial glazing and slip trailing also create interesting results on 480-M.

Shrinkage: Cone 5, 10.6%; Cone 10, 10.8%
Absorption: Cone 5, 5.2%; Cone 10, 1.9%

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