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White Stoneware No.38 Moist

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The No.38 Stoneware is formulated from choice clays for plasticity and whiteness and fire-clay for additional body. This clay contains no grog, yet has the strength for throwing large pieces, slab rolling, and hand building. Like porcelain, expect some shrinkage when applying handles or connecting pieces. This clay body is particularly beautiful in wood firings.

AP (Approved Product) seal in moist formula
Firing range of Cone 5-10 with best results at Cone 10 where bisque is white in oxidation and gray in reduction, both delicately peppered with darker gray specks. The white color of No. 38 allows all AMACO® underglazes and engobes to fire with little distortion of color. Any of AMACO's high fire glazes can be used, however some may craze at Cone 5.

Shrinkage: Cone 5, 13%; Cone 10, 15%
Absorption: Cone 5, 7%; Cone 10, 1.4%

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