• No29 clay bottle cutout
  • Lg1 587
  • Lg2 587

Brown Stone Earthenware No.29

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The Brown Stone Earthenware is a light brown and looks like a gas-fired or reduced stoneware with speckles. This clay is formulated from several different clays for plasticity and texture and has a wide firing range from cone 05-5. It is excellent for wheel throwing, handbuilding, and slab work or sculptures. The added grog makes the fired ware stronger and also allows larger pieces to be thrown on the wheel.

AP (Approved Product) seal in moist form
Any AMACO® low fire glaze works well on this earthenware body. Because of its wide firing range AMACO® high fire glazes also achieve good results.

Shrinkage: Cone 04, 5%; Cone 5, 6.8%
Absorption: Cone 04, 11.8%; Cone 5, 6.9%

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