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Off-White Sculpture/Raku Clay No.27

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The Sculpture/Raku Clay is formulated from finely ground white clays and medium grog to make an excellent and forgiving clay for Raku. The porosity is increased to reduce shrinkage, cracking, and warping. These pieces are shock-resistant when reduced with wide firing range of cone 05-5 and breakage is eliminated almost entirely. When reduction-fired and left unglazed, the clay will turn dark gray to black depending on the intensity of the firing.

AP (Approved Product) seal in moist formula
AMACO® Cone 05 glazes for Raku can be used on 27-M by bringing glaze to maturity then cooling to about 1700°F, 929°C before removing
AMACO® glazes maturing at Cone 05, all of the AMACO® decorating colors, as well as AMACO® Cone 5-6 glazes may be used with this clay

Shrinkage: Cone 04, 7%; Cone 5, 9%
Absorption: Cone 04, 16%; Cone 5, 10%

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