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  • Pic 9k black
  • Pic 9k blue
  • Pic 9k brown
  • Pic 9k gray
  • Pic 9k green
  • Pic 9k orange
  • Pic 9k pink
  • Pic 9k red
  • Pic 9k white
  • Pic 9k yellow
  • Plasticlay 9k pkg w path
  • Plstcly unicorn

Plast-i-clay Assortment 10 Colors

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Our economical non-toxic, non-hardening modeling clay helps children develop sensory motor skills and encourages self-expression. Available in bright colors that blend easily. Can be reused when stored airtight. This assortment contains ten portions (1/2oz) black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, red, white and yellow Plast-i-clay.

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