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NEW and IMPROVED!   These attractive 11" x 17" boards show fired sample buttons of AMACO® Glazes. Each color is identified by name and number.

Glaze Accessories > AMACO Glaze Fired Chip Boards

We have re-designed many of our fired chip boards to help you sell more glaze. They now show photos of the glazes used on ceramic pieces where space was available while making the boards more colorful.

Accurate color sells glaze. That's the purpose of the AMACO® Glaze Fired Chip Boards. Your customers will be able to compare and select the color of glaze that's right for their project when they can see glazed tiles fired to the recommended temperature.

Each board is 11" x 17" and shows one or more series of AMACO® glazes. Select the board(s) that represent the glazes you sell.

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