• Lg5 461
  • Smug pn111 sil
  • Smug amethyst 41429n 111
  • Smug electric blue 41428m 111
  • Smug huntergrn 41431r 111
  • Smug light red 41426k 111
  • Smug real orange 41427l 111
  • Smug red 41425j 111
  • Smug salmon 41432s 111
  • Smug violet 41430p 111
  • Lg1 461
  • Lg6 461

Semi-Moist Underglaze Set #111

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Product Description

Set #111 includes the Real Orange, Light Red, Violet, Electric Blue, Salmon, Red, Amethyst, and Hunter Green colors of the Semi-Moist Underglazes. The SMUG's are formulated to respond similarly to being brushed like watercolors- becoming more opaque with layered application and more transparent after water is added. They can be blended and diluted to achieve a wide variety of effects.

Rated for Cone 04-10.
Must be used with proper glaze to be food safe

Safety Warning

Tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination.

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+ SMUGs Color Set #111 at cone 5

All tiles are 38M White Stoneware, fired to cone 5. Stripes are (left to right): heavy coat - medium coat - light coat. Top half is unglazed, bottom half is glazed with 3 coats of HF-9 Zinc-Free Clear. 

Real Orange at cone 5 Salmon at cone 5 Light Red at cone 5 Red at cone 5 Violet at cone 5 Amethyst at cone 5 Electric Blue at cone 5 Hunter Green at cone 5