Matisse Underglaze Applique

by AMACO brent

Large matisse webimage

Using Matisse as our inspiration, we will cut sheets of underglaze newsprint to applique colorful designs on a slab of clay. Video demonstrations include application of underglaze to newsprint sheets, and the cutting and designing of applique composition. Tips include how to successfully transfer images to clay slabs & form a finished piece.


  1. Brush on one even coat of each of each of the Velvet underglaze colors onto a newsprint (minimum 8x10).

  2. Allow the 3 sheets of different colored underglaze sheets of newsprint to dry.

  3. Roll out a moist slab of clay (larger than the paper plate) and cover it with plastic.


Slideshow Presentations

Download step-by-step slideshow presentations here:



Live Video Demo


    Lesson Plan PDF Download File


    Firm Paper Plates (2) Fettling Knife Wooden Roller or Brayer Plastic Wrap Needle Tool or Skewer No.15 Casting Slip Velvet Underglazes Paintbrush Scraper or Plastic Card Scissors Newsprint