Pointillism With Pizazz: Using Teacher's Palette Glazes

by AMACO brent

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Dive into the new school year with our latest lesson plan featuring Teacher's Palette glazes!! In this video we walk through a simple pointillism process that allows you to use commercial pre-glazed tiles in an innovative way that fulfills National Visual Art and Core Standards.

This lesson plan encourages students to learn the pointillism technique while also studying artists who mastered the skill like George Seurat.


Create Design

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Draw your design on a glazed tile with a permanent marker. This process is most successful with simple forms, so avoid excessive detail.


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Dip the eraser end of the pencil into the glaze and use it to make dots on the glazed surface. You do not need to fill the entire space.

Add More Color

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Use applicator to apply an analogous color.


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Enhance your design by using a lighter or darker value of one of your colors. Teacher's Palette glazes can be mixed to achieve these results.


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Complete your other sections by repeating steps 2-4.


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Fire to Cone 05 at medium speed. The marker lines will burn out in this step, leaving only the glaze dots.


    Pointillism With Pizazz - Using Teacher's Palette Glazes PDF Download File


    AMACO® 16 Gauge Underglaze Applicators Commerical Pre-Glazed Tiles "TP" Teacher's Palette Glazes Permanent Marker Pencils (with unused eraser)