Event Schedule

You can register for the following workshops & events by contacting the listed venues.

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Seeing the Essence of Nature team taught with Stacy Phillips

Debra Fritts Studio

Abiquiu, NM United States




  • June 08, 2020 – June 12, 2020

In this five day workshop, we will explore beautiful Abiquiu and the natural surroundings by building clay markers (Debra) and by using mixed media on paper (Stacy). First a coiled form will be constructed. Stacy will guide everyone to respond to the landscape, not in a traditional manner but by embracing lines, shapes, colors and forms in nature. Golden paints, mediums and gels as well as various drawing materials will be used. This information will also be related to the clay form by using slips, underglazes, and etching into the surface. Observation and awareness will be the resource for creating a clay marker and several paintings on paper.

The workshop fee includes 25 pounds of red sculpture clay, surface treatment, firings and three lunches at the studio. Lunches are a combination of Northern New Mexican food and healthy salads.

DeBuse on the Loose! Ceramics - Sketch & Stretch, Handbuilding & Surface Intensive

Small chandradebuse Blackberry Hill Art Center

Orford, NH United States


(603) 353-4312


  • June 26, 2020 – June 28, 2020

In this three-day workshop, students will learn new ways of designing, building & illustrating functional pottery.

Chandra will share how she translates sketches into three dimensional forms using simple and inexpensive materials, such as wood, bisqued clay & craft foam through soft slab hand-building techniques.

After forming 3-5 pieces, students will learn to create a layered, colorful surface through underglaze inlay, brushwork, sgraffito, texture & color.

This workshop will be suitable for beginning to advanced clay students. Anyone striving to develop a more cohesive relationship between form & surface in their own clay work will enjoy this workshop.


Printmaking & Clay with Paul Wandless

Small scribe by paul andrew wandless Cornell Studio Supply

Dayton , OH United States




  • June 26, 2020 – June 28, 2020

This Workshop will be an introduction in using printmaking process with your clay work.
Monoprinting, screen printing and relief printing onto plaster, clay slabs and bisque tiles
will be the techniques and methods covered. You will learn how create images in
screens by hand and to carve relief blocks and the various ways to print with them.
Images and designs will be used as a means of personal expression to create your
compositions during the workshop. The surfaces will be used as a canvasses for
exploration of printed imagery, design, pattern, color and text. All levels of experience

Finding You in Your Work with Debra Fritts

Small debra fritts jan 2016  4 Debra Fritts Studio

Abiquiu, NM United States




  • August 31, 2020 – September 04, 2020

This workshop is for someone that has worked in clay and still trying to find their personal style. Many options on ways to work and ways to handle surfaces will be offered. You bring in the subject and then let us experiment. The goal is to allow the spirit of the artist to connect with the form by using symbols and metaphors.

The workshop fee includes 25 pounds of red sculpture clay, surface treatment, firings and three lunches at the studio. Lunches are a combination of Northern New Mexican food and healthy salads.

The Artful Life with Debra Fritts

Small debra fritts artful life Debra Fritts Studio

Abiquiu, NM United States




  • September 20, 2020 – September 25, 2020

The Artful Life Retreat is a new retreat/workshop offering in 2020 - and we hope you will join us as we connect the spirit of art and the soul of this amazing land in northern New Mexico. Two The Artful Life sessions will be held in 2020 - each session will be unique and will allow you to discover your creativity, recharge your soul, spend time in nature, and connect with the history, culture and magical land with like-minded people. Your hosts for both sessions are Carolyn and Tom Calfee, Debra Fritts and Frank Shelton. Carolyn and Tom own and operate Abiquiu Vacation Rentals and The Grand Hacienda Bed & Breakfast - and much of our workshop will take place on their property. You will stay in either a vacation home on the lake or above on a mesa top; in a studio room; or at the luxury bed and breakfast. All lodging options are located in a gated community on Abiquiu Lake…surrounded by the lake, Rio Chama, Ghost Ranch, Cerro Pedernal and the million-year old red rocks. There is a history and energy to this land, and you will explore it first-hand.www.discoverabiquiu.com/theartfullife

Debra and Frank will host walks, clay mediations and daily journaling which will allow new thinking to enter into your life. This exposure to creative thoughts and daily observations will open the “self” to move forward and experience an artful life. Day excursions will include three studio sessions at the home and studio of Debra Fritts and Frank Shelton. Their creative insight, connection, expertise and creative energy will astound you. You will discover that you, too, have the ability to be expressive and creative!

The Magic of Underglaze Colors at your Fingertips with Julia Feld

Small julia feld Ventura Potters Guild

Ventura, CA United States




  • October 10, 2020 – October 11, 2020

It doesn't matter if you make pottery or sculptural ceramics, involved with low or high fire processes, have years of studio experience or just started with clay, you will learn how to boost your ceramics with bright colors by using AMACO Underglazes. This hands-on workshop is designed to introduce you to the painterly surface treatment as an alternative method to traditional glazing techniques. You will learn how to use underglazes, underglaze pencils, and chalks to create multi-layered, colorful imagery. Bring your favorite small brushes and a bisque item to paint on.

(1hr lunch break, participants need to bring their own lunch)

The Figurative Shrine with Debra Fritts

Small debra fritts this i know Debra Fritts Studio

Abiquiu, NM United States




  • October 19, 2020 – October 23, 2020

Working from the imagination, the head and torso will be constructed using coils. We will discuss ways on how the figure can be a holding place for sacred relics, a reliquary. Detail demo’s on building the form and facial features will be given. Also surface treatments on unfired clay will be explored.

The workshop fee includes 25 pounds of red sculpture clay, surface treatment, firings and three lunches at the studio. Lunches are a combination of Northern New Mexican food and healthy salads.