Steampunk Safety Goggles

by AMACO brent

Large finalgoggles still

Convert a pair of standard safety glasses into steampunk goggles. Step by step instructions and video.


Large supplies still

Trace outline of glasses face onto craft foam

Large step1 still

Lightly sand plastic rims

Large step2 still

Apply base coat of Rub'N'Buff

Large step3 still

Clip backs off paper fasteners

Large step4 still

Apply second color of Rub N Buff.

Large step5 still

Cut mesh slightly larger than eye openings

Large step6 still

Glue mesh and craft foam to glasses

Large step7 still

Glue paper fastener heads to the corners of the goggles

Large  step8 still



    Craft Glue Sandpaper Scissors Craft Foam Wire cutters Paper Fasteners Contour Mesh - Aluminum 1/16"