Daybreak: A Sculptamold Sculpture

by AMACO brent

Large daybreak 27 final

A Sculpture Utilizing Amaco Sculptamold

Modify a Box

Large daybreak 27 step1

Modify a cardboard box by cutting and taping one side into a peaked roof shape. Thicken the walls with pieces of foam core insulation. Insert picture wire through the back of the box and secure with a twist on the inside

Make Bird Form

Large daybreak 27 step2

Form a wad of newspaper into a bird shape, wrapping with masking tape, and tape on legs made out of coat hanger wire

Coat with Sculptamold

Large daybreak 27 step3

Wearing disposable gloves, cover the box and the bird with Sculptamold and let dry until no longer cold to the touch. Also make a small ball of Sculptamold to resemble a berry


Large daybreak 27 step4

Let dry. Coat the box, bird and berry with Gesso and let dry. Paint the box yellow ochre and the bird black with acrylic paints. Using blue painter’s tape, mask off the top third of the box and paint dark blue. Mask off a small square on the inside of the box and paint turquoise. Let paint dry between each step. Wash the box with a glaze of burnt umber, (acrylic paint mixed with matte medium), wiping off the excess glaze with a paper towel. Dry brush the box with red paint and paint the small berry red


Cut flag shapes out of ArtEmboss (including small tabs for hanging) and emboss with a flower and dots along the top and bottom. Cut a fringe on the bottom. Cut a length of Fun Wire to hang the flags from and insert into the box securing with glue. Hang the flags by bending the tabs over the wire. Glue in the bird and the berry.


    Daybreak: A Sculpture Download File


  1. Art Emboss Foil Aluminum 12" Sheet 22G Craft Wire Aluminum Cardboard Box Foam Board Masking Tape Newspaper Gesso Acrylic Paint Mixing Bucket Water Paintbrushes Latex Gloves Scissors