Sun Sculpture with WireForm and Sculptamold

by AMACO brent

Large painted sculptamold sun path

Aztecs thought that they were living in the last creation of the world. 
Each creation was thought of as a sun. They began creating Sun Stone Sculptures in honor of the sun god in belief that it would help prevent the end of the world from happening. These sculptures tended to have the face of the sun god depicted in the center.

Create Armature

Large wireform sun version 2

Create a 1/2 round armature using Wire-Form® Studio Mesh. Sometimes it helps to push the mesh into a bowl or form over a shape in order to create the contour you like.

Cut triangles out of the mesh in different sizes in order to create the rays coming from the sun. Fold the triangles in half and slightly reopen them, creating a pyramid type form. Attach these rays to your armature, created in step 1, with Craft Wire.

Build Up with Sculptamold

Large wireform sculptamold sun version 2

Once the entire armature is created begin covering all of it with Sculptamold®. Force the Sculptamold into the mesh allowing it to create a strong bond. After the entire form is covered, begin creating facial features in the center of the sun to represent the face of the Sun God.

Dry and Paint

Allow the piece to completely dry and then decorate the outside surface with acrylic paint.


    Sun Sculpture Download File


    22G Craft Wire Aluminum Wireform Mesh
  1. String Acrylic Paint Gesso Aluminum Foil Medium-Sized Cereal Bowl Mixing Bowl Water Meauring Cup One Quart Zipper Bags Craft Sticks Cling Wrap Paint Brushes Scissors Latex Gloves