Salt & Pepper Birds

by AMACO brent

Large birds salt shaker

Making the Flock of Birds pinch project into salt and pepper shakers

Make holes for shaker and refilling

Large screen shot 2015 08 04 at 3.10.10 pm

Once completing the Flock of Birds Project bird, but when the lay is still leather-hard, make holes in the top of the bird for the salt or pepper to come out, and a larger hole in the base of the bird for refilling the shaker. Use a needle tool or slightly larger tool for the shaker holes. For the Refill hole, make an indented area with a smaller hole in the center, about 1/2 inch across. Photo shows indented hole on completed shaker.


Take care not to get glaze in the shaker holes.

Use rubber stopper or cork

Large screen shot 2015 08 04 at 3.10.36 pm

Fill your shaker with the seasoning of choice, and use a rubber stopper or small cork to close up the refill hole. Stoppers can be purchased at ceramics supply stores and kitchen stores. Enjoy your shaker!