Printing Texture onto Moist Clay

by AMACO brent

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Printing is a very popular art form that is perfect for creating repeating patterns, images and designs. Printmaking techniques can easily be transferred into working with clay with the help of AMACO® Balsa-Foam® and AMACO® Underglazes, along with the many tools you already have in your classroom. This technique is the third in our lesson plan on printing and embossing with underglazes.


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Lightly sketch a design or image onto the Balsa-Foam® block using a soft pencil.


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Carve the design into the Balsa-Foam® along the pencil lines by using wooden or carving tools. Carve different levels for more interest. Be sure not to carve any undercuts.

Press block into clay

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Roll out a slab of clay about 1/4" thick and press the Balsa-Foam® texture block into it.

or press clay into block

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If using the more fragile Balsa-Foam® Soft Density for stamping, lay the block texture-side-up on the table, and then gently press the clay into the Balsa-Foam® with the palm or by using a small roller.


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Apply equal pressure to the edges of the block before gently pulling it away from the clay. Allow to fire completely before firing.



    Printing and Embossing with Clay Download File


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