Velvet Underglaze Transfer Poof Pot

by AMACO brent

Large poofpotwebsitestill

The beauty of the AMACO Velvet Underglazes is that they are so versatile! In this video we use them to create a transfer image onto a soft slab which we then push into foam using a GR Pottery Form drape mold and POOF we have a pot!

REMEMBER: For this technique to work, you have to print out the design on a LASER ink jet printer not just an ink jet printer. If you print out the design on an ink jet printer, the printed design will smear when wet and it will not resist the underglaze.

Try this technique at home and share it with us using the hashtags: #howiamaco #VelvetUnderglazes

Music: David Szesztay, "Joyful Meeting"



    Velvet Underglazes Versa Clay No.20 Drape Mold