More Colorful Mishima!

by AMACO brent

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Using wax resist in the mishima process can open doors to a variety of color options and fantastic results! See the video for more information!



Large detail 3

Apply Velvet Underglaze color or colors to leather hard clay. Apply 2 to 3 coats of each color. Allow to become firm to the touch, keep clay at leather hard stage.


Large step 4

When underglaze is firm to the tough, apply Amaco Wax Resist. Allow wax to become firm.


Large step 5

Using a stylus or sgraffito tool, carve through the wax and underglaze. Line art works best with this technique.

Underglaze Inlay

Large step 3 3

Apply Velvet Underglaze of contrasting color over entire surface.


Large step 7

Use a damp sponge to remove underglaze from waxed areas.

Bisque fire in a well-ventilated kiln. Clean bisque with a damp sponge to remove any residue from the wax.


Large velvets plate2 caramoczygemba noshadow

Apply a clear glaze and fire as directed.

The piece shown is made with A-Mix 11M, decorated with Velvet Underglazes V-387 Bright Red, V-384 Real Orange, V-369 Fawn, V-327 Turquoise, and glazed with HF-9 Zinc-Free Clear. It's fired to Cone 5 in an electric kiln.


  1. Stylus or Sgraffito Tool Velvet Underglazes