Dipping Glazes, Potters Choice Mixing & Application

by Diana Faris

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Yes, there's a difference between PC dipping and brushing glazes! Consistency and application for each type of glaze are explained in the "Dipping Glazes" Power Point presentation. Videos and instructions include info on how to properly mix up and apply Amaco dry glazes as well as adjust glazes within their recommended specific gravity.

Potter's Choice Glazes -- Mixing Dipping Glazes

Video instructions for mixing PC Dipping glazes

Specific Gravity Calculation

Here is a short video explaining how to calculate the specific gravity of a glaze.

Potter's Choice Glazes -- Waxing Your Pots and Dipping Glazes

Todd Pletcher demonstrates how to wax the bottom of your pots and how to properly dip your pieces, using Potter's Choice Glazes.

Potter's Choice Glazes -- Layering With Dipping Glaze

While layering dipping PC is not recommended, successful layering may be achieved. Watch how potter Todd Pletcher does it (with small areas of overlap)....


    Dipping Glazes Presentation Download File Celadon Dry Glaze for Dipping Mixing Instructions Download File HF Sahara Dry Glaze for Dipping Instructions Download File Potters Choice Dry Glaze for Dipping Mixing Instructions Download File


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