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8 mixable colors in gallons


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16 mixable colors in pints and half-pints

Introducing New Glaze Series for Limitless Color on Limited Budgets

These new Cone 05 gloss glaze series were made with Teachers in mind. They are fully intermixable, and fire true to the color in the jar or what you mix. Being able to mix your own colors means less colors you need to buy. We already have a lesson plan available to help you get started with these glazes!

Teacher’s Choice and Teacher’s Palette glazes are available through all AMACO/brent school catalog companies and retail distributors. You may also buy them online by clicking on the logos above. If you would like to read more about these new glazes, please click here!

Photo of three colorful ceramic caterpillars

Lesson Plan 46–Colorful Caterpillars

Children Deserve Safe Classrooms & Successful Art Projects Regardless of School Budget

Founding Member of ACMI.

Founding Member of ACMI.

Partnering with AMACO for art class is a safe bet for teachers. Our products and equipment give reliable results, are engineered with safety first, and are backed by Teacher Support Monday-Friday. You will maximize classroom time, avoid frustration, and increase student success when you buy our products! As a founding member of the Art & Creative Materials Institute, you can rest assured that our products are formulated for safety as much as for quality.

Lesson Plan 31 African Mask made with Balsa-Foam.

We have ceramic products and equipment, including brent potter’s wheels, for full firing classrooms. But if you do not yet have a full ceramic firing program, we offer our own recommended start up programs for different budgets. And to help jump start a wheel throwing program, we offer the new QuickCenter, a centering device, which automatically centers clay as ‘training wheels’ for beginners. Check out our Ceramic Installation pages and think about how a ceramic installation at your school can add history, pride and inspiration to your community. See Lesson Plan #1 to learn more.

We also offer classrooms with smaller budgets a large selection of non-firing clays, sculpting and modeling compounds such as our classics, Sculptamold and Claycrete, often used for masks, puppets, and armatured sculptures. Crea-Stone is a casting/scupting compound which is easily carved or chiseled. See our Lesson Plans 26-28 to learn more. Please try our Balsa-Foam—it carves like butter, and paints like wood! Three Lesson Plans utilizing Balsa-Foam are available!

Ceramic Jester Shoe made with AMACO products by student J. Hudson.

Ceramic Jester Shoe made with AMACO products by student J. Hudson.

Recommended AMACO/brent Products for the Classroom:


Not sure which kiln you need for your ceramic program? Click here for our “How to Buy a Kiln” guide. This is a PDF document and you will need Adobe Reader to view.


To check out AMACO’s Recommended Books & DVD’s Click here!

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Youth Art Month Celebrates 50 Years!
Youth Art Month is an annual observance each March to emphasize the value of art education for all children and to encourage support for quality school art programs. Youth Art Month provides a forum for acknowledging skills that are fostered through experience in the visual arts that are not possible in other subjects offered in the curriculum.

The QuickCenter Clay Centering System

See how the QuickCenter can be used as ‘training wheels’ for centering on the potter’s wheel.

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