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Designer Push Molds
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Four flexible molds with themed faces and words for Scrapbooking, Journals, Home Decor and more!

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Polymer Clay Tools > Designer Push Molds


Maureen Carlson, nationally-known polymer clay artist, author, and teacher, created this series of themed push molds for Amaco. Each mold makes a variety of faces PLUS themed words relating to the faces. They are ideal for creating/decorating:

  • Scrapbooks
  • Art Dolls
  • Altered Art
  • Jewelry
  • Home Decor
  • Journals

Made of a strong, yet flexible rubber, the Designer Push MoldsTM offer excellent detail, are easy to use, and work with a variety of materials including polymer clays, plaster of paris, air-dry modeling clays, craft soap, and candle wax. To use these molds, simply:

1. Press or fill mold cavity with the desired material.
2. Allow to cool or dry if necessary.
3. Flex mold to release shapes.

The four mold themes are: Sun, Moon, Victorian, and Tribal.

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Polymer Clay Tools > Designer Push Molds

Designer Push Molds main product image:

Tribal Designer Push Mold (12359A):

Victorian Designer Push Mold (12313N):

Moon Designer Push Mold (12314P):

Sun Designer Push Mold (12342R):

Polymer Clay Tools > Designer Push Molds Available Items:

Sun (Item #12342R)

Tribal (Item #12359A)

Moon (Item #12314P)

Victorian (Item #12313N)

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