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Kick Wheel Wood Kit
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Build your own kick wheel!

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brent Potters Wheels > Kick Wheel Wood Kit

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The Kick Wheel Wood Kit, together with the separate metal parts kit, contains everything you need to build your own kick wheel. This kit contains all the wood pieces, pre-cut and ready for assembly. The unique frame design uses a 1/2" exterior plywood stressed skin, which is as rigid as most steel designs. To complete the wheel, all you will need is a drill, hammer, nails, glue, and bricks. The Metal Parts kit includes a 14 inch aluminum head, high quality cast iron mounted ball bearings, flywheel flanges, nuts and bolts and illustrated instructions.

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brent Potters Wheels > Kick Wheel Wood Kit

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brent Potters Wheels > Kick Wheel Wood Kit Available Items:

Kick Wheel Wood Kit (Item #22625F)

Metal Parts Kit (Item #22624E)

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