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This dry, white, AP certified modeling material produces objects that are very lightweight, strong and durable.

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Modeling/Sculpting Materials > Sculptamold

Conforms to
ASTM D-4236
The Art & Creative Materials Institute AP (Approved Product) seal certifies this product to be safe for use by all ages.

Sculptamold® is AP certified.


Click here for our many lesson plans (13, 16, 19, 27, and 30) which utilize our Sculptamold®. 

Sculptamold® is a dry, white compound that combines the best features of clay, plaster, and papier mache. It does not shrink, and is durable for dioramas, 3-D sculptures, model railroad scenery and stage scenery.

After shaking closed bag to thoroughly blend contents, add water to Sculptamold® as directed on bag and begin modeling. Sculptamold® sets in 30 minutes, so prepare only as much as can be used in a half hour of modeling time.

Sculptamold® clings to almost all clean surfaces and can be applied to an armature or any core without fear of cracking. Continue to add Sculptamold® by shaping and modeling layers over the armature. Even though it hardens in half an hour, you can continue to work with it as long as you have to, by adding layers of freshly mixed Sculptamold®.

One three-pound bag of Sculptamold® will make 141.75 cubic inches of solid material. Twelve three-pound bags will make one cubic foot of solid material. Click on the PDF above for complete mixing and modeling instructions.

For project ideas using Sculptamold®, visit our Craft Library and Lesson Plans.

Click here to see how Dave Frary uses Sculptamold® for making model railroad scenery!

To download a copy of the AP (Approved Product seal) MSDS sheet in PDF format, please click here.

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Modeling/Sculpting Materials > Sculptamold

Sculptamold main product image:

This sculpture of the sun was created with AMACO WireForm as the armature and AMACO Sculptamold then painted.:

Whimsical Sculptamold sculpture from the Chubby Art series by artist Alison Gilvan, Richmond, BC, Canada:

Whimsical Sculptamold sculpture from the Chubby Art series by artist Alison Gilvan, Richmond, BC, Canada:

Modeling/Sculpting Materials > Sculptamold Available Items:

3 lb. bag (Item #41821C)

25 lb. carton (Item #41822D)

50 lb. carton (Item #41823E)

4 lb. box (Item #41819M)

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