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brent Mini SRC
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This slab roller is compact enough to fit on a table while rolling out slabs up to 14" W x 15" L.

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Slab Rollers > brent Mini SRC

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Portable, yet extremely sturdy, this slab roller is compact enough to fit on a table while rolling out slabs up to 14" W x 15" L. Maximum slab thickness is 3/4". The Mini SRC is ideal for taking to workshops or for studios with limited space. It is constructed of steel pipe and bent plate like the SRC so it will last for many years. The patented cable drive system with opposing rollers produces even pressure along the bed. It includes one 1/4" shim with canvas and two 1/8" plain shims. Assembled dimensions: 31"W x 26"L x 14"H.

12" diameter handle replaces crank to turn the roller. See photo below.

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Slab Rollers > brent Mini SRC

brent Mini SRC main product image:


Optional circular handle for Mini SRC slab roller:

Slab Rollers > brent Mini SRC Available Items:

Mini SRC Slab Roller (Item #22683B)

1/4'' shim for Mini SRC (Item #22748H)

1/8'' shim for Mini SRC (Item #22747G)

Replacement set of cables (4) for Mini SRC (Item #22681X)

Top Canvas for Mni SRC (Item #22688G)

Round handle, 12'' (Item #22933F)

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