Lead Free Glazes & Underglazes

Our “AP” certified LEAD FREE glazes are safe for use by all ages. In addition, our “CL” LEAD FREE glazes are suitable for ages 13+ with adult supervision. Please note: older users must follow all cautionary labeling.

Each glaze or underglaze series offers its own unique appearance giving the artist unlimited creative expression.

See what people are saying about our Velvet Underglazes!

For more information on General Glaze Use and Safety, please click here!

Click on the DETAILS tab below to download the AMACO Glaze Application Reference Chart. This chart shows how each AMACO glaze series works on a variety of surfaces, application methods, and clay bodies.

We certify that AMACO only ships LEAD FREE products in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

Orders placed on amaco.com are administered by Shopatron. For questions about your order, call toll free (877) 412-7467 or send an email to: support@shopatron.com.

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Low Fire (Cone 05) Glazes

Choose from over a dozen glaze series plus several specialty glazes and texturizers with firing temperatures between Cone 04 and 06. Above: two bowls glazed with AMACO Teacher's Palette gloss glazes by David and Tracy Gamble.

High Fire (Cone 5-6) Glazes

AMACO offers many mid/high fire quality glazes with consistent results. Mix and layer for stunning results.

Glaze Accessories

AMACO® glaze accessories include colorful glaze display boards with actual color tiles to show how the glazes will look when fired, a glaze mixer attachment, and Suspendaid.


From our enormously popular Velvet Series to Majolica Gloss Decorating Colors, Amaco underglazes produce a wide variety of finishes. Above: Platter decorated with AMACO Velvet Underglazes then wood fired to Cone 13 by Don Reitz.

Lead Free Glazes & Underglazes

All AMACO glazes currently in production are labeled to indicate their suitability for use on food or drink containers. Most AMACO Glazes are certified dinnerware-safe through independent laboratory testing in order to meet FDA Guidelines. When AMACO dinnerware-safe glazes, such as LG-10 Clear Transparent, are used over other AMACO underglazes on pottery, such containers also become dinnerware-safe.

All AMACO® glaze labeling features either the “AP” (Approved Product) seal or the “CL” (Caution Label) seal of the Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI). These seals are your assurance that the product was evaluated by an independent toxicologist and labeled according to ASTM D-4236/LHAMA—the federal standard for safe labeling of art materials.

From our extremely popular Gloss Glazes (LG Series) to our versatile Velvet Underglazes (V Series), there's a color for any artistic style.


Did you know you can intermix some series of our glazes/underglazes with other series? Click here to learn more!



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