Firing Clays

Above: Pots made with AMACO Sedona Red ceramic clay No. 67.

AMACO® (American Art Clay Co., Inc.) has been an industry leader in classroom safety since incorporation in 1922. All improvements made in the performance of AMACO® clay bodies are guided by a firm commitment toward PRODUCT SAFETY. AP (Approved Product) seal moist clays maximize classroom and studio safety.

We certify that AMACO® only ships LEAD FREE products in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

Orders placed on are administered by Shopatron. For questions about your order, call toll free (877) 412-7467 or send an email to:

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Low Fire (Cone 05) Ceramic Clays

Mid/High Fire (Cone 5) Ceramic Clays

Above: Stoneware Body Without Grog No. 480.

Clay Slips

Amaco® offers three slips (white, off-white, and terra cotta) that are ready to pour into molds.

Clay Supplies

Firing Clays

AMACO® offers twelve different ceramic clay bodies: five low fire and seven high fire.

Click here to get an overview of all our ceramic clays with this comparison chart (PDF download).

Our advanced system of clay handling and processing results in superior clays that are consistent with every batch. Their compositions have been exactingly formulated to ensure exceptional quality and maximum plasticity along with a wide range of textures and colors. AMACO® clays are widely used by beginners, professional potters, and in ceramic art programs worldwide.

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