Firing Classroom Kits

These kits contain our most popular glazes or underglazes. Kits which contain “AP” certified LEAD FREE glazes are intended for school use in grades K-12. Kits which contain “CL” LEAD FREE glazes are suitable for use in grades 7-12+ with adult supervision. Please note: All “CL” (cautions required) glaze colors are prohibited for use in grades PreK-6.

Each glaze or underglaze series offers its own unique appearance giving the artist unlimited creative expression.

For more information on General Glaze Use and Safety, please click here!

We certify that AMACO only ships LEAD FREE products in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

Orders placed on are administered by Shopatron. For questions about your order, call toll free (877) 412-7467 or send an email to:

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Glaze Class Packs for K-12+

Choose from class packs which are completely safe for Grades K-6 and above.

Glaze Class Packs for 7-12+

Choose from class packs which are suitable for grades 7-12+.

Balsa-Foam/Velvets Printing Class Pack

Carve designs into the Balsa-Foam, "ink" with Velvets and "print" onto clay tiles. Instructions included!

SmartCart Firing Kit

The perfect introductory kit for classrooms starting a ceramic program.

Tile Decorating Kits

Choose from two tile kits to cover either 4 sq. ft. or 15 sq. ft.

Clays/Glazes Combo Kits

Each of these kits contain enough product for 250 student projects!

Firing Classroom Kits

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