Wheel Replacement Parts

Wheel Replacement Parts are Found First By Selecting Your Controller Below!

When you are able to identify the controller presently attached to your Brent wheel model, we can correctly identify which replacement parts you need.

Whether you are looking for a replacement part for a controller (control box), a foot/hand pedal, a motor, wheelhead, belt, or fuse, you must first identify the controller for the wheel you have. Just take a minute to select your current controller on this page and follow our prompts!

To find replacement parts other than full components, please contact an authorized Brent dealer nearest you. Many will also perform wheel repair.

Replacement parts listed here are for 110 volts only. If you are located outside North America, call (317) 244-6871 or (800) 374-1600 for help with Brent® wheel replacement parts.

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