When we built our first kiln in 1931 we started a commitment to quality that has withstood the test of time.  AMACO® proudly offers two distinctly different types of kilns - AMACO® (square/rectangular) and EXCEL® (round).

Up to a $275 gift of LEAD FREE AMACO® glazes with purchase! Click here for more information.

Not sure whether you need an AMACO® or EXCEL® kiln? Click on the Details tab for our "How to Buy a Kiln" PDF.

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EXCEL® kilns are available in 11 models, each designed for low and high fire work and have all the quality and dependability you expect from AMACO® at a very competitive price.

EXCEL Glass Kilns

Two kilns for small and large glass projects.

AMACO Top Loading Kilns

Select from four top-loading floor models, the HF-97, HF-101, HF-105, and EC-55 three with a maximum firing temperature of Cone 10 and one with a maximum temperature of Cone 03.

AMACO Front Loading Kilns

The AMACO® AH-10, AH-25 and AH-30 kilns are large capacity, front-loading floor model kilns.

Table-Top Low Fire Kilns

Choose from five low fire table-top kilns that are perfect for glaze testing, firing small pottery pieces, metal enameling, PMC, and glass.

ABOVE: MAC-2000 kiln with Orton® Auto-Fire Express computer control.

Ceramic Programs

AMACO's Start-Up Pottery Programs get your ceramic program started and Supply Kits keep you running with clay and glazes.

Up to a $140 gift of LEAD FREE AMACO® glazes with Ceramic Program purchase! Click here for more information.


AMACO/EXCEL Kiln Shelves

Premium Cone 10 (refractory) and Cone 13 (silicon carbide) shelves AMACO and EXCEL kilns.

AMACO/EXCEL Furniture Kits

Premium Cone 10 refractory shelves and specially selected shelf/support kits for all AMACO® and EXCEL® kilns.

Kiln Accessories

Everything from stilts, plate setters and shelf supports to make firing easier.


KilnVents from AMACO® improve the airflow inside the kiln and keeps your firing area free of unwanted gasses.

Pyrometric Cones

From time-tested Orton® pyrometric cones to pyrometers and thermocouples, you'll have everything you need for accurate firings.

Kiln Controllers and Gauges

Computer kiln control devices that provide firing accuracy, convenience, and consistent results every time. Includes Select Fire EXP for 120V models.


American Art Clay Co., Inc. offers two types of kilns: square or rectangular (AMACO®) and round (EXCEL®). Each is made from the highest quality materials and each has been designed to be the best kiln on the market today.

AMACO® square kilns offer:

  • Superior insulation - lowest surface temperature makes AMACO® kilns the safest for school use
  • Excellent value - many AMACO® kilns built 25+ years ago are still in service!
  • The strongest, longest-lasting elements
  • 5 year warranty, click here to learn more!

EXCEL® round kilns offer:

  • Quality components at an economical price
  • Reversible slabs to extend the life of the kiln
  • Premium refractory firebrick
  • Modular design
  • 2 year warranty, click here to learn more!

You'll also find valuable kiln accessories in this section including venting systems, furniture, temperature and firing control equipment, replacement elements, shelves and supports.


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