From our enormously popular Velvet Series to Majolica Gloss Decorating Colors, Amaco underglazes produce a wide variety of finishes. Above: Platter decorated with AMACO Velvet Underglazes then wood fired to Cone 13 by Don Reitz.

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Velvet (V) Underglazes -- LEAD FREE
AMACO® Velvets semi-translucent underglazes have the appearance of velour or velvet when left unglazed or will intensify in color when covered with an AMACO® Clear Transparent or Gloss glaze.

Liquid Underglaze (LUG) Decorating Colors -- LEAD FREE
AMACO® Liquid Underglaze Decorating Colors are intense, opaque colors ideal for covering large areas quickly, easily and smoothly. They can also be used for detailed painting, sgraffito decoration, water color effects, free brush painting, wax resists and mishima decoration.

Ceramic Oxide Washes -- LEAD FREE
Five earthly, yet vibrant colors to be used under or over any glaze.

Designer Velvet (DV) Underglazes -- LEAD FREE
Designer Velvets are opaque underglazes like AMACO® Velvets with the addition of small specks. Unglazed, they create the appearance of velvet or velour with a soft speckle effect.

Sun Strokes (SS) Brilliant Underglaze Colors -- LEAD FREE
These six intense underglazes are specifically formulated for Cone 06-05 in oxidation and raku firings -- with or without a clear glaze.

Semi-Moist Underglaze Decorating Colors -- LEAD FREE
AMACO® Semi-Moist Underglaze Decorating Colors are concentrated, intense, and opaque and are suitable for many types of ceramic painting. They are especially good for water color effects and painting of fine detail.

Underglaze Chalk Crayons -- LEAD FREE
From intense hues to pastel tones, Amaco Underglaze Chalk Crayons can be used as is, sharpened for fine detail or dissolved in water for painting or spraying.

Underglaze Decorating Pencils -- LEAD FREE
Underglaze Decorating Pencils are ideal for shading, fine line drawing or identification. Apply the underglaze pencil to bisque ware to create a variety of unique decorative designs.

Engobes (SE) -- LEAD FREE
These rich earth colors and subdued tones are created from either natural clays or a mixture or clays and other ceramic raw materials and can be applied using a variety of methods.

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