Friendly Plastic Modeling Material

Lightweight, flexible, quick and easy to use Friendly Plastic® Pellets are AP certified. They soften quickly in hot water for modeling.


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Friendly Plastic Pellets
Easy-to-use modeling pellets that soften in warm water for sculpting or pressing into molds. Learn more on Friendly Plastic TV. Learn how to make tools!  

Friller Tool
This unique pointed hardwood tool is specifically designed for shaping softened Friendly Plastic®.

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Friendly Plastic® Pellets are also extremely easy to use. Learn how to make tools! They soften in warm water and can be sculpted by hand or pressed into a mold (see photo at right).They are completely reusable prior to decorating. Simply re-soften in warm water and start over. Decorate with acrylic or craft paints. Inventors and sculptors also use Friendly Plastic® pellets to make replacement tools, parts, and prototypes.

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