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Rolling your own polymer clay beads is a snap with AMACO bead rollers and tools.

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Tri-Bead Roller
This unique tool makes round, oval, and bicone beads quickly and easily with polymer clay.

Professional System Bead Rollers Set 1
This bead roller makes two sizes of oval beads.

Professional System Bead Rollers Set 5
This bead roller makes a large bicone bead.

Professional System Bead Rollers Set 6
This bead roller makes a large oval bead.

Tube Bead Roller Set 1
This bead roller creates clay tubes and mark them for cutting all in one step.

Round/Oval Bead Roller Set
This bead roller creates three sizes of round beads and two sizes of oval beads.

Bead Making Tools Set
Seven handy tools that help making beads with polymer clay fun and easy.

Professional Bead Baking Rack
A two-in-one tool that can be used to bake polymer clay beads AND slice polymer clay canes.

Bead Piercing Pins
Bulk pack of 50 Bead Piercing Pins.

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Want to see our Bead Rollers in action? Please visit "Polymer Clay TV" to see Lisa and Kira or "Clay Café TV" to see Linda Peterson demonstrate our Bead Rollers.

From traditional ovals and circles to bicone and tri-oval beads, AMACO bead rollers help you create gorgeous beads in seconds! After just a few tries, you'll be rolling beads and assembling professional-looking jewelry at home.

AMACO also offers a Bead Making Tools Set and a Bead Baking Rack to assure the best results.

The Professional System Bead Rollers each include a set of Bead Piercing Pins for use with the AMACO Bead Baking Rack. Simply line up the rolled beads with the pin path holes on the Bead Roller to pierce beads and remove for baking!

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