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Non-hardening, self-hardening, air-dry....all are types of modeling clays available from AMACO. We offer clays for children as well as sculpting clays for adults.

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Cloud Clay
Super light modeling clay for ages 3+, available in 10 colors.

Super Dough
This smooth, pliable, modeling compound is extremely soft and is ideal for small children.

Craft Porcelain Modeling Material
This pure-white, air-dry modeling material is ideal for creating flowers, figurines and other sculptures.

Since 1919, Permoplast® has remained the standard for premium, non-hardening modeling clays. Ideal for students at all grade levels. 

An economical, AP certified, non-hardening plastic modeling clay for children of all ages and grade levels.

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Above: TV and boombox  created with Plasti-clay by Megan and Shelby Fullenweider, Indianapolis, IN.

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